Greetings from the Publisher

Being the #1 newspaper in Daegu-Gyeongbuk region across generations, We'll reward our readers with high-quality contents.

MaeilShinmun, founded in 1946, is a sound publication representing Daegu-Gyeongbuk region.

During the times of changes and turbulences when all the people were suffering hardship after the liberation and the Korean War, MaeilShinmun published newspapers with the mission of sound journalism for the citizens.

The rotary printing factory was attacked and the editor-in-chief was arrested under the suppression of the dictatorial regime but MaeilShinmun still strived to voice the truth at all costs.

The efforts and perseverance of the employees of MaeilShinmun remains with a sense of duty as the best regional newspaper in Korea.

Now, MaeilShinmun strives to generate new hope for Daegu-Gyeongbuk region. We voice our views to protect the regional development against the huge metropolitan areas, and contemplates on creating a brighter future for Deagu-Gyeongbuk region.

The rapidly changing media overwhelms the readers with various information and arguments accompanied by questionable authenticity and genuineness. The readers, of course, have no other choice but to be confused.

MaeilShinmun is leading the way in forming the appropriate public opinion with clear and sharp mind in the midst of such chaotic times.

MaeilShinmun has changed its publication system to a morning newpaper in January 2015 for the faster delivery of news. Moreover, we have been receiving favorable reviews for our new attempts of interactive newspaper for promoting reader's engagement, easy-to-read newspaper, and planning and in-depth coverage to promote reader's engagement.

MaeilShinmun still put our utmost effort in realizing a new train of thoughts with our readers. Thank you in advance for your continued patronage.

CEP of the MaeilShinmun Co., Ltd. JUNG CHANG RYONG