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2010 ~

February 222018 Appointed Father Sang-Taek Lee as the 16th CEO
January 12017 60th Annual Anniversary of Maeil Spring Literary Contest
January 192016 Set up the Gyeongbuk Headquarters (Andong)
July 162015 Awarded the 1st ‘Maeil Senior Literary Award’
January 1 Transitioned to Publishing Morning Newspaper
July 72014 Started Mobile Application (News App) Service
April 32013 Launched the ‘Maeil Top Leader’s Academy’
February 15 Appointed Father Chang-Hwan Yeo as the 15th CEO
November 192012 10th Anniversary of Donation Campaign, ‘Maeil Shinmun Loving Neighbors ’
December 82011 Established Maeil News Video Clips at the Website on the Internet
December 1 Set up ‘Channel A’ (Comprehensive Programming Channel) & Concluded News Feed Agreement with the Association of Korea Regional Newspaper
May 18 Opened Season 1 of Maeil Shinmun Politics Academy
May 16 1st Jeong Haeng-don Education Award Ceremony
October 12010 Set up Official Twitter Account for Maeil Shinmun

2000 ~

August 42009 Achieved 20,000 in the Number of Issues
July 16 Changed the Name of a Sister Newspaper from ‘Life Maeil’ to ‘Weekly Maeil’
December 302008 Appointed Father Chang-Yeong Lee as the 14th CEO
September 15 Published First Issue of ‘Rainbow World’ - Monthly Newsletter for Multicultural Families
September 4 Dispatched a Reporter to Reside in Dokdo
April 112007 Appointed Father Yong-Gil Lee as the 13th CEO
March 9 Published ‘Hi Essay’
July 182006 Opened Maeil Shinmun Newspaper Exhibition Hall
April 4 Published ‘Hi Study’, an Education Section
January 23 Published ‘Young Teen Mail’, an English Newspaper for Elementary/Middle Schools
August 52005 Established Maeil P&I, a Subsidiary Company Specializing in Advertising Flyers Printing
November 272004 Appointed Father Hwan-Gil Cho as the 12th CEO
July 42003 Published the First Ever Education Section - ’Hopeful Education’ Among Regional Newspapers
June 19 Published the Central Region Edition of Life Maeil
June 122002 Started PDF Service for the Maeil Shinmun Website
April 9 Launched a Readership Committee of Maeil Shinmun
February 14 Published the Eastern Region Edition of Life Maeil
September 62001 Published “Life Maeil” - Korea’s First New Concept Daily Newspaper on Life and Economy
July 7 Decided to Use the Horizontal Writing of Title in Chinese Characters, ‘每日新聞' , and not in Korean Characters
February 17 Appointed Father Jae-Wan Jeong as the 11th CEO
August2000 Published the ‘Maeil Shinmun Style Book’ - First Among the Regional Newspapers
August 15 Opened ‘Bitgoeul Big Hill’ - A Joint Website of Yeonghonam in Cooperation with Gwangju Ilbo
July 3 Established Cliode Co., Ltd. - A Subsidiary Company Specializing in Internet and Comprehensive Informationo

1990 ~

March 21999 Published ‘Magazine Northern Region’ - A Free Newspaper of Northern Regional Headquarter
June 231998 Published ‘Love Ourselves, Love Neighbors’ - A Free Newspaper of Central Regional Headquarter
September 51997 Completed the Eastern Regional Headquarter Building
August 16 Took Over the Right to Operate and Operated the Electronic Display Board #1 (Banwoldang Negeori)
July 7 Headquarter Took Over the Right to Operate the Electronic Display Board #2 (Duryu Park Negeori) and #3 (Bukbisan Rotary)
April 3 Changed the Title from ‘Jugan Maeil’ to ‘Weekly Maeil’
April 1 Started Using the Title ‘Maeil Shinmun’ in Korean Characters
May 21996 Expanded 8 Pages to 16 Pages of Colored Pages among 40 Pages of Weekly Maeil
March 20 Published 48 Page-Long Newspaper including 12 Pages of Color (Once Every Wednesday), First Among the Regional Newspapers
March 2 Started Website M2000 Service on the Internet
March 1 Published the 50 Year History of Maeil Shinmun
November 201995 Established the Website on the Internet - First Among the Regional Newspaper
November 16 Started Newspaper Printing after Installing Rotary Press #2 at Seongseo Printing Headquarter
January 16 Produced Entire Pages of Maeil Shinmun in CTS
September 11994 Set up a Sisterhood Relationship with Yeonbyeon Daily in China (CEO Yong-Woon Kang)
May 1 Took Over Design Focus, a Comprehensive Advertising Agency (Now Maeil Ad)
September 231993 Hosted the Building Completion Ceremony for Seongseo Printing Headquarter (Installed 3 Sets of High-Speed Rotary Press
March 121992 Appointed Father Bu-Gi Kim as the 10th CEO
July 71991 Operated Electronic Display Board # 2 & 3
June 3 Implemented Computerized Production of All Pages, Completely Discarded Lead Type
September 171990 Started Maeil Shinmun’s e-Newspaper Service
August 8 Implemented Korea’s First High Technology ‘LED’ System
Operated Maeil Shinmun News on Electronic Display Board
January 7 Appointed Father Gyeong-Hwan Kim as the 9th CEO

1980 ~

March 151989 Appointed Father Gyeong-Hwan Kim as the 9th CEO
October 51988 Held Off the Publication of First Issue of Aju Economic News
July 19 Formed Maeil Shinmun Labor Union (Chairman Do-Hwan Shin)
June 3 Notified the Publication of First Issue of Aju Economic News
February 29 Changed the Title to ‘每日新聞’ (Maeil Shinmun)
September 71987 Established and Operated 3 Branches (Central, Southern, Northern) within Gyeongbuk Province
August 201983 Published the First Weekly Issue of ‘Everyday Life Information’, Delivered Free of Charge on Every Sunday with the Newspaper
August 1 Changed the Type into Better Looking and Readable Font (Pyeonpyeongchae)
March 1 Reinstituted the Correct Anniversary Date as March 1 and Hosted the Anniversary Ceremony at the Headquarter in Gyesan-dong
February 21 Relocated the Seoul Branch Office
October 181982 Published the History of Daegu Maeil Shinmun Company (35 Year History)
August 25 Introduced Two Additional FA4 High-Speed Rotary Press
November 141981 Completed Building and Relocated to the New Office Building in Gyesan-dong
May 1 Expanded the publication into Regional Editions of 1, 2 and 3
May 1 Installed a New Rotary Press in the New Office Building in Gyesan-dong
December 11980 Changed the Title to ‘Daegu Maeil Shinmun’
November 30 Took Over the Facilities and Employees of Yeongnam Ilbo
October 26 Relocated the Office Building Temporarily to the Cultural Hall at Gyesan Chapel

1970 ~

May 291978 Appointed Father Dal-Chul Jeon as the 8th CEO
January 91977 Published a 12-Page Special Issue of Issue #10,000
April 11975 Opened Maeil Art Gallery
August 11973 Established a Branch in Osaka, Japan (Branch Manager Byeong-Seon Park)

1960 ~

October 11969 Introduced Transmission Television Set
October 181967 Declared Not Guilty for the Case of Yeongdeok Spy Article
December 231965 Case of Yeongdeok Spy Article Occurred
Managing Editor Chang-Shik Kim, Managing Editor Deok-Hwan An, and Section Chief Sang-Gwan Lee of the Press Division Arrested
October 131964 Stopped the Special Coverage on Olympic due to Warnings of Korea Newspaper Development Committee
October 11 Published a Special Issue on Tokyo Olympics
August 10 Led the Struggle Against Violation on Media Ethics
October 191969 Purchased 1 Unit of Medium Speed Rotary Press
Recognized and Announced by the Ministry of Culture and Public Information as a Newspaper Company Equipped with Standard Facilities in Accordance with the Bylaws of the Press (Joined the Publisher Association)
December 91960 Appointed Father Yeong-Ho Kim as the 7th CEO
September 20 Registered the Company Title as ‘Maeil Shinmun Co., Ltd.’
July 7 Changed the Title to ‘Maeil Shinmun’

1950 ~

September 28,1959 Appointed Deok-Ryong Kim as the 6th CEO
September 8 Appointed Father Sang-Do Shin as the 5th CEO
December 71958 Relocated to New Office Building in Namil-dong & Introduced and Installed High-Speed Rotary Press (Marunoni)
July 161957 Appointed Father Yeong-Ho Kim as the 4th CEO
August 201956 Appointed Byeong-Hwan Ju as the 3rd CEO
May 14 Installed a Branch Office in Seoul
May 10 Editor-in-Chief Seok-Chae Choi Confirmed Not Guilty by the Supreme Court
September 141955 Headquarter Under Attached Due to the Serious Slip of the Pen
January 1 Appointed Father Hwa-Gil Im as the 2nd CEO
December 101950 Appointed Bishop Deok-Heung Choi as the President (Director)
October 1 Took Over the Operation Right of Daegu Maeil Shinmun Company from the Daegu Diocese Maintenance Foundation of Catholic Church
Appointed Ho-Geun as CEO
August 29 Suspension of Publication for an Indifinite Period for Misprinting the ‘President’
August 1 Changed the Title to ‘Daegu Maeil Shinmun’
March 21 Changed the Title from ‘Namgyeong’ to ‘Economic Newspaper’
March 20 Published the 1st Issue of ‘Weekly Economy’, a Sister Newspaper of ‘Namgyeong’
February 1 Appointed Sang-Jo Lee as CEO
January 1 Appointed Yong-Hae Jo as CEO

1940 ~

July 11949 Appointed Gyeong-Hee Lee as CEO
September 51948 Appointed Heung-Shik Kim as CEO
April 111947 Relocated the Office Building to Dobyeon Building (8, Taepyeong-ro 1-ga)
November 11946 Appointed Byeong-Jin Woo as the Publisher and the 1st CEO
March 1 Published the 1st Issue as Namseon Economic Newspaper (2-Page Tabloid)